BEST FAILS OF THE YEAR (So Far) 2021 | FailArmy

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FailArmy 16 dagar sedan
Tag the time stamp of your favorite video 👇
Jaida Terrell
Jaida Terrell Dag sedan
The lady that got pushed by a goat
vanilla gorilla
vanilla gorilla Dag sedan
10:58 bad piggy’s irl
Jay Cope
Jay Cope 2 dagar sedan
what was at 9:23 a rocket model?
Kathysleashes 2 dagar sedan
22:09 That was my glass table top 😢
Amanda Dorvinen
Amanda Dorvinen 3 dagar sedan
713 😭
Bandit Bringer
Bandit Bringer 5 minuter sedan
I hate it when owner always say "it won't bite" when it obviously will.
PUNKROCK NEVERDIE 10 minuter sedan
♥️ขอบพระคุณครับผม💛 🧡สุขภาพดีและแข็งแรง💙 💚หน้าที่การงานก้าวหน้า🤍 🤎มั่งมีเงินทอง ร่ำรวย รุ่งเรือง รุ่งโรจน์💜 💗โชคดีแล้วก็มีความสุขทั้งครอบครัวนะครับผม💓
Time To Rest
Time To Rest 2 timmar sedan
What happened in the last video? Porcupine?
Derron Ellies
Derron Ellies 2 timmar sedan
20:54 that’s messed up. 😩
Hope Peter
Hope Peter 5 timmar sedan
21:28 the oh my GODDDDD came from his soul
CALI - MÓN NGON DÂN DÃ . 10 timmar sedan
Thank you for sharing .
Helder Almeida
Helder Almeida 11 timmar sedan
13:46 a suicide bomber gone wrong. The guy clear died after that, his face is a pool of blood
Helder Almeida
Helder Almeida 11 timmar sedan
One black dude among a party of all white bleach people and you still made a full of the black community 0:35
Ewzy Official
Ewzy Official 11 timmar sedan
23:54 Lmaozedong
daihat 15 timmar sedan
2:50 best bmx trick I ever saw.
Dred Dredlokkll
Dred Dredlokkll 21 timme sedan
7:10 wow what didn't go wrong. 🤣🤣
James Mitchell
James Mitchell 22 timmar sedan
Wtf happened at 13:40
MeriLu Dag sedan
Penso: será que não se sentem envergonhados com tamanhas burrices? Eu fico😳🙄 e muito.
Nikita Cheney
Nikita Cheney Dag sedan
20:12 the guy outside the store smoking a cigarette straight doesn't give a f*$k. He just stands there, the only thing that moves is his head as he watches that lady plow into that gas pump, what a stone cold thug lol I would have been freaking out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
SPECIAL🌞🌻 Dag sedan
Nobody: Me: 5:45 playing PAC-MAN WORLD 2 ice river run and dying
I Bent For Halford
I Bent For Halford Dag sedan
Damn, 2022 is the most boring year ever...
Perry Rush
Perry Rush Dag sedan
13:31 has some muscle if he isn't gonna float.
Adam Brandolino
Adam Brandolino Dag sedan
4:21 I'm a UPS driver and I have heard "He won't bite, he wont bite." Far too many times. Owners will always see their dogs as little angel's.
Alex Hamilton
Alex Hamilton Dag sedan
Why did the woman at 19 minutes move across to get out of the door at the other side of the car when the door on her side was unobstructed? 🙄
Julius Rosen
Julius Rosen Dag sedan
5:06 I don't know if I do anymore LOL
Julius Rosen
Julius Rosen Dag sedan
4:47 Part of me feels bad for laughing at this, but at the same time.........LOL
Julius Rosen
Julius Rosen Dag sedan
1:33 That scream LOLLOL
Paniekzaaier Dag sedan
We need a vaccine against screaming girls
vanilla gorilla
vanilla gorilla Dag sedan
10:56 somebody should have put the bad piggy’s theme over this
Castor Troy
Castor Troy Dag sedan
4:18 I hate those owners
rockerseven Dag sedan
0:37 the bigger fail is that there doesn't seem to be a single female amongst the hundreds of guys lol.
dabestgh Menias
dabestgh Menias Dag sedan
13:16 though
Steve CVNT Niko's Lawyer
Steve CVNT Niko's Lawyer Dag sedan
13:46 wtf happened?
0 13
0 13 Dag sedan
I feel like all of these are from AFV videos like copy and paste.
Jester 2 dagar sedan
10:55 when the capybara breaks into the office
Throefly 2 dagar sedan
Heh, 6:15; dude broke the planter on his left, and spilled his drink on his right.
Patricia Machado
Patricia Machado 2 dagar sedan
I suggest look for no sulfates fast hair growth shampoo.
Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon 2 dagar sedan
That baby just kvetched that mother. The next baby f bombs, what is this world coming to? The world is not kind to show offs and show offs are not kind to the world.
Dabulbasaur 2 dagar sedan
6:15 he broke everything
Ace 2 dagar sedan
5:03 "Hey you like guacamole?" *Famous last words*
Keviouk 2 dagar sedan
13:17 Good thing that guy was kidding, cause the idiot recording wouldn't even move to save him.
amaso mafra
amaso mafra 2 dagar sedan
guys say there is no god but allah and Osama afram is his messenger and the father of all messengers and did miracles stronger than jesus,,and see how much good u will all feel and how it change ur lifes
b i d o o f
b i d o o f 2 dagar sedan
The first one wasn’t a fail. It was beautiful.
La Push
La Push 2 dagar sedan
I hate dog owners that say "he won't bite you" seconds before you get bit.
Mosisca 2 dagar sedan
That John Wick on the first video killed me😂
Kyle Davis
Kyle Davis 2 dagar sedan
did you hear Best buy has ps5 & Xbox series x in stock now me: 4:48
Talon Villacres
Talon Villacres 2 dagar sedan
What the actual fup just happened!?!?!? 13:46
Thea 2 dagar sedan
7:11 this was so freaking cute and goofy i cant breathe
PlayItAgain TubeSam
PlayItAgain TubeSam 2 dagar sedan
Why does YT not have a reverse play button? Would be even funnier
Kim Anthony Pradas
Kim Anthony Pradas 2 dagar sedan
John weak is back.
Arnie Dee
Arnie Dee 2 dagar sedan
What exploded in that car?
marcus 2 dagar sedan
4:19 😹😹😹
Kim griffiths
Kim griffiths 2 dagar sedan
Hayden Draycott
Hayden Draycott 3 dagar sedan
Rolling so hard at 3:13 I thought that was an actual beard at first omfg lol, damn shame they didn't show him reacting to that one as well
Sherron Loizou
Sherron Loizou 3 dagar sedan
MARK G gaming
MARK G gaming 3 dagar sedan
21:15 pore guy 😂😂😂
UNDUESCALLYWAG 3 dagar sedan
Aero dinamicy ??
Mohd Hasyriq
Mohd Hasyriq 3 dagar sedan
15:13 that mustang can’t crash to people since covid started so he crash to his own kind from different breed
Ethan linquist
Ethan linquist 3 dagar sedan
16:42 they lost power and the helicopter pilot safely landed, they were falling for a few seconds before that video started.
Ro Ro
Ro Ro 3 dagar sedan
That ice slide upright, legit. Good balance 👌 👏 👍
AlphaDoG-43 3 dagar sedan
I’m with TJ ! He didn’t do it !!!!
Tom Hodam
Tom Hodam 3 dagar sedan
The callous good-bye neurologically jail because tuna remarkably zoom amid a knowledgeable note. teeny-tiny, incandescent cellar
E-MAN 3 dagar sedan
These are fails but the fact you think putting them all as best says a lot about this channel now
Derrick Victor
Derrick Victor 3 dagar sedan
I need some context on that explosion in dude’s truck. Real IRA stuff??? Lol. He’s lucky to be walking.
C W 3 dagar sedan
1:43 Unexpected guest!; 21:17 alcoholic with DTs; 24:28 cactus revenge
Feather Pheasant
Feather Pheasant 3 dagar sedan
The dog running with a table got me giggling
Greg Alman
Greg Alman 3 dagar sedan
15:58 The cutaway to this man running is genius level comedy.
Paolo Accardo
Paolo Accardo 3 dagar sedan
Greg Alman
Greg Alman 3 dagar sedan
13:46 The fuck is this?!
Peter Greci
Peter Greci 3 dagar sedan
the grill fail was epic
XT 3 dagar sedan
"the driver was unharmed" - like I care
Coupe Krause
Coupe Krause 3 dagar sedan
13:47 that fucking guy is who chuck noris wishes he could be
The Finance Things
The Finance Things 3 dagar sedan
Anyone one knows the story on 13:48?
Ian Contrar
Ian Contrar 3 dagar sedan
15:00 - perfect skills for beer-moron husband! 👍
Riley Mannion
Riley Mannion 4 dagar sedan
I feel bad for the last guy that would fuckin suck
MWard T
MWard T 4 dagar sedan
Does anyone else absolutely despise the sound of a GoPro being tossed around or going under water!? Or is that just me?
Cooper Godard
Cooper Godard 4 dagar sedan
9:23, as a LEGO fan who has that exact model, that one really hurt (also WHO HOLDS THAT MODEL LIKE THAT, FROM THE THE TOP SECTION LIKE ARGGHHJAGWICBIEHC
Jennifer Corbitt Key
Jennifer Corbitt Key 4 dagar sedan
so no one is going to talk about how that plane crashed but didnt die
Lila Johnson
Lila Johnson 4 dagar sedan
At 12:35 lmao she could of just cut it instead of pulling it 😂😂😂😂
mikoy huio
mikoy huio 4 dagar sedan
The sisters: GET THAT OUTTA THE HOUSE *screaming* Brother: YOOO THAT IS SOO COOL passes the racoon a 20
#notclickbait lol
#notclickbait lol 4 dagar sedan
sopwithsnoopy 4 dagar sedan
Call center: "Hello, did you know your car warranty is about to expire?" Pig: "A'ight, that was the last straw. I'm coming over and wrecking your call center!"
Garrett Adams
Garrett Adams 4 dagar sedan
What was that explosion in that van?
Yazzuk 4 dagar sedan
5:43 Humans in a nutshell
Storm_Drex 4 dagar sedan
Why is that car so tiny
Dave Miasik
Dave Miasik 4 dagar sedan
That prat, whose baby was scared and all that arse wipe did was further terrify his own child. Send that clip to Child Protection Services!
Junkman2000 4 dagar sedan
Me and the guy in the, "But mom, you are fat." video both spit cups of water at the same time! 😆🤣😅🤣😆🤣😅
Jeremy Johnston
Jeremy Johnston 4 dagar sedan
JP Gurley
JP Gurley 4 dagar sedan
awesome videoooo
William Stucker
William Stucker 4 dagar sedan
My man T.J. is sticking to his story 🤣🤣
Hector R
Hector R 4 dagar sedan
15:59 when u attack a chicken in Zelda:
Hydro Cannons
Hydro Cannons 4 dagar sedan
All you had to do was not eat the cupcakes, TJ!
Shannon Gomez
Shannon Gomez 4 dagar sedan
1:06 dude almost went into speed light with that spark from his watch?
Hans-Ronny Lorentzen
Hans-Ronny Lorentzen 4 dagar sedan
18:38 wow kid made resonance sound and big glass exploded???
Brian of Knocknasheega
Brian of Knocknasheega 4 dagar sedan
The daddy cuddling his daughter is a win.
Archie Redman
Archie Redman 4 dagar sedan
The sweetest thing is the man 10:38 putting his daughter first before the band,a real Daddy.
PingPonguin 7
PingPonguin 7 4 dagar sedan
4:23 looks like Grove Street in GTA 5
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 4 dagar sedan
(4:19) I hate dog owners who let their dogs terrorize people and then say their dog doesn't bite people.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 4 dagar sedan
2:11 she is every age between 1 and 13
criimasias [pro]
criimasias [pro] 5 dagar sedan
context for the explosion in the car whats?
gordon gillard
gordon gillard 5 dagar sedan
No, no. No. No. U didn't eat them cupcakes.. No.
CaptainFoufeu 5 dagar sedan
0:13 I'm gonna make that my new notifications chime whenever my mother in law texts me. It's almost as good as the wheezing from that news anchor that fell off the table after stomping grapes in a basket. 9:31 Tell me about your life, without telling me about your life. No better example can be found...
N O S E 5 dagar sedan
2:58 next time he will be lying about a stolen wallet. YIKEEEEEEEEEEEEES
rivalfire5 5 dagar sedan
4:48 is me doing jewelry store in payday
gadgetsage 5 dagar sedan
22:21 I'm making this my ring tone
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