I See Dead People Thru Cats eyes
I See Dead People Thru Cats eyes 22 timmar sedan
Throwing that Kendama will haunt you back! hahaha
jewel 123456789
jewel 123456789 22 timmar sedan
Most of these people need new friends.
Tinderbox 23 timmar sedan
I hope she stays that cute the rest of her life because if not, with a brain like that then she's going to be in big trouble.
Valentina Sanchez
Valentina Sanchez 23 timmar sedan
6:11 y c madrioo
TAN YI HENG Moe 23 timmar sedan
Of his pet bug
Quinn Henderson
Quinn Henderson 23 timmar sedan
Fail army in their prime
Cem Kartal
Cem Kartal 23 timmar sedan
in the first video its Brodie?
Hallie Thomson
Hallie Thomson 23 timmar sedan
✨the calm serenity of a train wreck✨
Monte Mugrage
Monte Mugrage 23 timmar sedan
I regret watching this video
Вячеслав Ошурков
Вячеслав Ошурков Dag sedan
very good video
Jay Dag sedan
6:35 The way she went down. Lmfao 🤣
patel yt
patel yt Dag sedan
OMG last bike seen
WiscoThrills Dag sedan
I clicked thinking it was about guys getting hit in the place
MJB Dag sedan
NEVER LIFT WEIGHTS ABOVE YOUR WORKOUT WEIGHT WITHOUT A SPOTTER. This is the number one rule of weight lifting.
th3bruhm4n Dag sedan
0:17 a real hit with the crowd
MeriLu Dag sedan
Penso: será que não se sentem envergonhados com tamanhas burrices? Eu fico😳🙄 e muito.
Plumbus Smith
Plumbus Smith Dag sedan
Kid learning about taxes was hilarious. 🤣
WhiskersMcTabby Dag sedan
1:03 I'm crying. :'D
bKitteh Dag sedan
Sorry. Too much pain & injury in this one. Couldn't watch the whole thing.
Nikita Cheney
Nikita Cheney Dag sedan
20:12 the guy outside the store smoking a cigarette straight doesn't give a f*$k. He just stands there, the only thing that moves is his head as he watches that lady plow into that gas pump, what a stone cold thug lol I would have been freaking out 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Cap'n Obvious
Cap'n Obvious Dag sedan
Are people losing eyebrows? I've had mine for 50 years. I guess maybe I should research that. TRIM nose hairs... don't yank 'em all the hell out. They're there for a reason. The stupidity is just mind-boggling.
Kyle Davis
Kyle Davis Dag sedan
subscribers: why are SEcycler's always late on uploading & never post as much content SEcycler: 3:53
smack down76
smack down76 Dag sedan
I knew something was missing that day? All I needed was the crash test dummy costume. I suppose two out of three isn't bad? Oh well! Live and learn? Thanks airbags!
Che Burashka
Che Burashka Dag sedan
I hope Chris is okay!
Fried shrimps45
Fried shrimps45 Dag sedan
Brodie Dag sedan
And just like that…. The world ran out of new fail videos
Time To Rest
Time To Rest Dag sedan
05:45 The fck is wrong with the kid? That's not funny at all --"
Dunkan Winter
Dunkan Winter Dag sedan
People doing that gross thing on the nose or taking out eyebrows, etc, is not funny
Brion02 Dag sedan
5:38 - I'm nauseous just looking at that.
Nano Causa
Nano Causa Dag sedan
NitroJuggla Dag sedan
Remember, kids: It's 2021, and the biggest fail is STILL recording in portrait mode. Also, bellend and knobhead really need to be censored?
BowlingBoy2009 Dag sedan
I don’t see anything wrong with these just normal days in the US
SPECIAL🌞🌻 Dag sedan
Nobody: Me: 5:45 playing PAC-MAN WORLD 2 ice river run and dying
Mark Tak1
Mark Tak1 Dag sedan
2:58 ❤️❤️❤️ free❤️❤️
WhiskersMcTabby Dag sedan
3:57 Slow motion ruined it.
Christopher Robinson
Christopher Robinson Dag sedan
7:32 This kid looks so done with life 😂
Gene Lewis
Gene Lewis Dag sedan
Did that one guy actually have a fanny pack?? 😂
I Bent For Halford
I Bent For Halford Dag sedan
Damn, 2022 is the most boring year ever...
teresa martins
teresa martins Dag sedan
Muito bom gostei 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
SPECIAL🌞🌻 Dag sedan
I can not stand you 😂
Jermane Fields
Jermane Fields Dag sedan
Are we not going to talk about how the, little ginger haired boy slapped his sister right before his father fell!! What in the bad a…..😡😳
Stucknmud Dag sedan
Was a big fan of your channel u til this recycled, shitty edited crap,,,,,
• LacyTheEspeon •
• LacyTheEspeon • Dag sedan
2:41 this I why you need to be extremely careful of overcorrecting. Can even happen on dry roads
Judy L.
Judy L. Dag sedan
Train hitting Bekins truck is my fave.
Dave Pryor
Dave Pryor Dag sedan
05:36 bro blew a streak down poor doggos back
TrainsForever 2021
TrainsForever 2021 Dag sedan
Put a hand up if your friends would’ve just let you fall 😂 ✋ 1:40
Paul Dag sedan
2:56 my favorite 😂😂😂
Perry Rush
Perry Rush Dag sedan
13:31 has some muscle if he isn't gonna float.
Larry Royovitz
Larry Royovitz Dag sedan
I just watched a video of people trying to kill senior citizens.
Y / N
Y / N Dag sedan
Mom: are you okay Baby: *silent* Mom: was it cold? Baby: *shut up I’m thinking.*
Edward Alvarez
Edward Alvarez Dag sedan
That dog kona got some air
Tatealius Lewis
Tatealius Lewis Dag sedan
I like the one that he took the chicken out of the microwave
Erica Galloway
Erica Galloway Dag sedan
1:25 her laugh 😂
wro Dag sedan
DON'T MESS AROUND NEXT TO OPEN DISHWASHERS, OMG. Like no joke, that stuff can put you in a coma
the title is so misleading. get it together FailArmy
The Trainmobile
The Trainmobile Dag sedan
5:40 I have that same laptop. Now I definitely know not to spill anything on it.
Neo Monk
Neo Monk Dag sedan
Like a bootleg chicken
Swearing0000 Dag sedan
That accident is totally not the engineers fault, but, he’ll still get drug tested.
The Usher
The Usher Dag sedan
1:40 And that's how Easter eggs are made
Machtyn Dag sedan
5:41 I watched this one a dozen times. If I was the dad, I'd make sure this video is still around for the boy's' graduation from HS, graduation from college, and his wedding day. By that point they can laugh about it and the boy can be totally embarrassed!
L&R Productions
L&R Productions Dag sedan
So no one gonna talk about the watching his girlfriend going straight to water lol
Demef Dag sedan
"Girlfriend deleted WOW account." Hmmm. I think I now understand why the girlfriend most likely deleted HIM, too!
SFbenjaminK Dag sedan
CaptainCapital8 Dag sedan
1:42 - Wow... wtf.
Clayton Dag sedan
Ight kid well you finna be hungry
Adam Brandolino
Adam Brandolino Dag sedan
4:21 I'm a UPS driver and I have heard "He won't bite, he wont bite." Far too many times. Owners will always see their dogs as little angel's.